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Various Accessories Required For Meetings and Presentations

Meetings and presentations are quite commonplace and there is a range of products and accessories available to support the effective functioning of meetings and proper delivery of presentations.

Whiteboard and Accessories

A whiteboard is one of the most important office items, as it helps users to make their presentations on the board or jot down finer points of meetings or write strategies. Whiteboards can be segregated into two categories - dry wipe whiteboards and magnetic whiteboards.

The dry wipe whiteboard is available with an aluminium frame in different sizes. The most common sizes available include 600x450mm, 600x480mm, 900x600mm, 1200x1200mm, 1200x900mm, and 1500x1200mm among others. These whiteboards are available with pen trays as well.

The magnetic whiteboards are also available in different sizes. One of the salient aspects of the magnetic whiteboard is that it can be used as a notice board as well.

Whiteboard Magnets

A whiteboard magnet is used for sticking important papers, posters, and maps on the whiteboard. These magnets can be used only on magnetic whiteboards. These are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours and are used as planning markers during presentations or meetings in organisations.

Whiteboard Erasers

A whiteboard eraser is used for erasing writing on the board. Irrespective of any type of whiteboard pen used, these erasers are available in the form of foam erasers and dry wipe erasers. Magnetic dry wipe erasers are used mainly for magnetic whiteboards only. These erasers are available in different sizes with the most commonly used size is 75 x 50 x 25mm.

The alternative to the dry wipe erasers are the soft pile erasers, which require soap and water for cleaning whiteboards.

Whiteboard Markers

A whiteboard marker is used for writing on the board and is available in common colours like black, red, blue, and green. Marker pens used on whiteboards are known as dry wipe markers and are available with slim barrel, medium, and thick barrel. You can even choose from fine and medium anti-spray nibs. Permanent whiteboard markers are also available in different colours for offices although it not easy to clean a whiteboard after using permanent markers.

Leather Folders & Portfolios

Leather folders and portfolios are used by both executives and students and have been created to hold important documents and information, artwork, presentations etc. The portfolios can be categorised under landscape portfolios and handheld portfolios.

The landscape portfolios are available in different sizes and colours. The most commonly used landscape portfolios by executives is the one with the o-ring binding mechanism. These portfolios are also available with D-ring binding mechanism. The number of rings can vary from 2 to 4 and the most common size used is the A4 size. Some of the landscape portfolios also have fixed and removable internal pockets and pen holders that can be used for storing accessories like pen, pencils, markers etc.

The handheld portfolios are used where there is a requirement for carrying presentations and paperwork to several meetings. These portfolios are durable and offer security. Some of the handheld portfolios contain pen holders, zipped closure mechanism, business or id card holder, and interior gusseted pockets for storing accessories. The standard handheld portfolio sizes include A1, A2, A3 and A4 and they are made from different materials like PVC, leather, polypropylene, and even environmentally friendly or reusable materials.

Laminating Pouches And Films

A key office accessory is the laminating pouch normally used for laminating almost everything, from important documents to id cards. Lamination is available in the form of pouches and film rolls and you can choose on the basis of your requirement.

The laminating pouch is available in two types of finish, which are matte and gloss. They are also available in several different sizes starting from 54x86mm (credit card pouch). Some of the other commonly used sizes include 60x90 mm (business card pouch), 65x95mm (key card pouch), 228x303mm (A4 pouch), and 303x426mm (A3 pouch) among others. These pouches vary in thickness 160 - 250 micron.

The laminating film is also available in different lengths or sizes with the most commonly used being 300mm and 457mm. Laminating films are also available in a variety thickness that can vary from 0.08 mm to 0.038 mm. The different types of laminating films used include matte, glossy, standard clear, satin, ultraviolet, lustre, and low melt. The different laminating styles include:

Single-sided laminating

This is used for laminating one side of the document

Dual-sided laminating

This is used for laminating both sides of a document and provides better protection.

Transfer adhesive laminating

This is a type of dual-sided lamination where a thin coat of peel-off adhesive is also applied. This helps the document to stick onto different surfaces.

Magnetic laminating

In this type of lamination, a plastic laminate is used for the front side of document while magnetic film coat is used at the reverse side of the document.

Over lamination

This is a type of lamination that is used for larger objects like artwork, paintings etc. The lamination film can be cut according to the size or shape of the object to be laminated.

Display Books

Display books are essential office accessories available in an array of designs, styles, and types. Most top of the line display books are available in hard covers as well as soft covers. Display books are multipurpose office items that contain several pockets for storing documents, presentations, letters, and much more. It is mostly used in offices for filing purposes as it helps keeping documents in good condition.

Most of the commonly used display books contain pockets made from acid free polypropylene, which makes them durable as well as easy to clean. The number of pockets can vary from 10 to 120 and even more. The display books are available in several different sizes although the most common is A4 size. Some of the other features available in display books include business card enclosure, cd holder, id card enclosure, pen holder, ruler enclosure and others.


Pointers are normally used by organisations during meetings and conferences to highlight important aspects of a presentation. Pointers are highly efficient tools that can also help in directing the attention of the audience. There is a wide range of pointers to choose from and can be categorised under telescopic, laser, and multimedia pointers.

A telescopic pointer is made from steel and can be extended to specific distance, which varies from 100mm to 1200mm. It is a cost effective pointer that can be used during presentations. These pointers are normally available in the form of a pen with a clip that makes it easy to carry in the pocket.

The laser pointer is one of the best solutions available for training, business presentation, and teaching. One of the salient aspects of the laser pointer is the higher visibility it offers. These pointers are also great for outdoor use and are available in a range of colours. The colours available include blue, red, yellow, purple, and green. They are available in the range of 670nm (nanometer) to 405nm.

The multimedia pointer acts as a USB storage device as well as a pointer. This makes it a great choice for presentations, which can be saved in the USB device.


Off late, there has been an increase in the use of OHP transparencies by organisations as it presents an alternative to paper and is also cheaper than most of the standard technology. It is an extremely versatile and practical solution for organisations and is extremely easy to use as well.

OHP transparencies can be printed upon and varies according to the printer being used like inkjet or laser printers. They are also available in a range of sizes varying from A0 size to A4.

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