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Pens and Pencils - The Must Have Office Stationery

Even in this computer age, writing is an essential part of our lives, and thus there is always a need for pens and pencils. In order to satisfy the needs of users, there is a wide variety of pen, pencils, and accessories available.

Types of Pens

From the traditional fountain pen to the simple and easy to use ball point pen, there is a huge variety available to satisfy all organisational requirements.

Ballpoint Pens

One of the most widely used office stationery is the ballpoint pen. Ease of use, easy refilling, and a ball point tip for smooth writing has made it the most popular pen of all times. One of the salient aspects is the ink, which never dries or freezes as a result can be used in any weather and almost all surfaces. The ink also ensures it can be used for long duration writing and the approximate average length covered by a single ballpoint pen is from 1500 to 3000m.

There are ISO standards for ballpoint pen and refill and can be used for drawing and sketching as well. These pens are available with different sizes of ball point pen tip. The various line widths offered include 0.4mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm. The ballpoint pen is also available in different colours, mechanism, body, width, grip, and ink colour.

Fountain Pens

The fountain pen is the oldest type of pen in use. It is known for the smooth writing it offers. There is a huge variety of fountain pens available, which vary according to the point of the nib, the type of metal used for making the nib, the ink filling mechanism, and the body of the pen. The fountain pen can be used by people of all ages including children and are available in a range of body colours and coloured ink.

The fountain pen is available in different types of nibs, including F, A, M, LH, B, 1.1i, 1.5i, and 1.9i among others. The fountain pen nibs are also made from different materials, including stainless steel, rhodium, silver, and gold. Most standard fountain pens are available with two types of ink filling mechanism, which are cartridge system and the capillary filling system.

Coloured Pens

There is a huge variety of coloured pens available for use by children as well as professionals. The most efficient coloured pens include the hexagonal shaped pens and the round barrel pens. The round barrel pens are quite popular and are available in several colours with the most popular being red, green, blue, and black.

Technical Pens And Sets

Technical pens are used primarily by professionals, including architects and engineers. These pens are available in sets containing pens of different widths and other accessories. The technical pen is mostly used on tracing paper, line board, and vellum drawing paper. The technical pen is available in high precision line widths varying from 0.10mm to 1.4mm.

The basic technical set contains pens with line widths varying from 0.12 to 1.0mm, replacement nibs with same line width as the pens in the set, ink cartridge packs in blue, black, and red. The pen sets are complete drawing kits that are used by professionals to assist in technical drawing and presentations.

Fineliner Pens

Fineliner pens offer a wide range of line width for fine writing. The common width sizes available include 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm and 2mm. Fineliner pens are available in ergonomic triangular or round barrel and water based ink. They are highly popular because they are dry safe, long-lasting and can be used by professionals as well as students. They can be used for writing, professional art, and drawing.

Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens offer smooth writing because of the 0.5mm tiny ball that helps in transferring ink from the cartridge to paper. The rollerball pens use gel ink and can help in writing finer lines as compared to ballpoint pens. They are available in different ink colours, and different types of body including brushed metal.

Gel Pens

The gel Pens are modern day pens that can be used by professionals, students, and just about anyone. The salient aspect of a gel pen is that it offers high quality writing without the issue of smudging and this is because of the ink used. The gel pen ink contains a pigment that is suspended in a water based gel.

There is a huge variety of gel pens available based on the line width, colour of ink, style of pen, and grip.

OHP Pens

OHP pens are used mostly by professionals although they can be used by students for drawing purposes as well. These pens can be classified under permanent and non permanent based on the ink used. Permanent colour pens are used on a variety of surfaces as the ink cannot be removed or the writing cannot be erased. This is why they are also used for writing on OHP films.

Marker Pens

The marker pens are used in professional environments including offices, conference rooms, board rooms, as well as events. Marker pens can be classified under three categories, which are paper only marker pens, permanent markers and non-permanent markers. The non-permanent markers are most often used as whiteboard markers and are available in several different colours. The permanent markers are mostly used on CD/DVD or surfaces where the ink doesn't need to be removed.


Highlighters are available in a variety of colours and are used primarily for marking or highlighting important text areas in books, manuals, and other documents.

Ink Refill

Different types of pens require different types of ink. Whether you need blue fountain pen ink or green gel pen refill, there is a huge variety of high quality and premium inks to choose from.

Pencil And Accessories

The pencil is one of the oldest writing and drawing tools that is popular even today. From children to adults, pencils are used mainly for different types of drawings including technical drawings. There are several variety of pencils available classified under different grades. The grades vary from 9B to 9H where 9B is the softest, F and HB being medium grade, and 9H being the hardest. Some pencils also have eraser attached to them.

Propelling Pencils

Propelling pencils are also known as mechanical pencils and they offer relaxed and easy writing. These pencils comprise of a retractable lead sleeve, which you can slide back when the pencil is not in use. This makes the propelling pencil one of the longest running pencils available. These pencils are available in 3 types of 3 line widths, which are 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 1.3 mm. As a result, these pencils can be used on normal paper, tracing paper, art paper, drawing sheets, and drafting paper.

Lead refills for propelling pencils are also available in packs of 50, 100, 200 etc.

Pencil Sharpeners

Normal pencils need to be sharpened before they can be used. This can be done through a variety of pencil sharpeners available in a variety of shape, sizes, and colours. The most commonly used sharpener is the single hole sharpener made from metal. Most single hole sharpeners have an anti-tamper safety screw and feature a contoured grip.

The second type of pencil sharpeners in use is the canister sharpener, which is available in single or double hole combination. The salient aspect of the canister sharpener is the shavings collector that ensures there is no spillage. Canister sharpeners are available for both graphite and coloured pencils.

The third type of pencil sharpeners is mechanical sharpeners. They make pencil sharpening easy as most sharpeners have an auto stop, which prevents over sharpening. They can be used in offices and schools

Pencil Erasers

There is a wide range of high quality erasers available that are latex and phthalate free. Eraser refills are also available for pencil eraser tips.

Drawing and Colouring

Drawing and colouring is not just essential for growing up children but is an integral part of professional work as well. There are several drawing and colouring accessories available for use.

Colouring Crayons

There is a huge range of colouring crayons available for children, artists, and painters. The colouring crayons are made from high quality durable wax and are great for drawing and painting as well as for industrial use. They are available in different sizes and packs range from 5 to 100 crayons and even more. There is no dearth of variety of colours available as well.


Chalk can be used for colouring purposes on blackboards and other surfaces. Some of the common colours available include white, blue, red, green, and yellow. The colouring chalks are also available in packs of 10 to 100 and even more.

Drawing Board And Accessories

Drawing boards are used by professionals to create technical drawings and architectural designs. The salient aspect of the drawing boards is that they can be cleaned and re-used. There is a range of sizes available including 1189mm x 841mm (A0 size), 841mm x 594mm (A1 size), 594mm x 420mm (A2 size), 420mm x 297mm (A3 size), and 297mm x 210mm (A4 size) among others.

Drawing Tools

There are different types of tools that can be used for technical or architectural drawing. One of the widely used tools is the stencil. Stencils are available as a single item or in sets containing numerical, alphabetical, and symbols.

The set square is another important drawing tool that is used mostly for precision work. There is a range of set squares available including 32cm and 25cm version with 60º or 45º hypotenuse.


Rulers are used in different spheres of work. They are also used by children and students for a number of purposes. The most common sizes of rulers available are 15cm(150mm), 30cm(300mm), 50cm(500mm), and 60cm(600mm). Rulers are available in both plastic and metal versions.

Correction Fluids

The correction fluid is a commonly used office accessory and is available in a bottle. The correction fluid is ideal for different types of paper correction and will not stain, splash, crack or chip off, and clog. They have a fast drying formula and can be applied using the brush provided with the bottle.

Correction Pens

Correction pens are modern day correction fluids that have become quite popular as an important office accessory. It is in the form of a pen that needs to be shaken and then squeezed to release the correction fluid. The salient aspect is precise correction and is used mainly for erasing small areas.

Tape Rolls

Tape roll corrections are quite commonly used in offices today. The tape rolls are available in a range of widths.

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