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"Sharing our love for office supplies."

"Stationery planet customer service is fab! This is the 2nd time ordering within a week"

-Rachel Morden

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Office Trolleys

Office trolleys from Stationery Planet are great for storage as they help maximise your office space and are useful when organising your office to reduce clutter. At Stationery Planet we have a variety of high quality durable office trolleys from different office furniture providers like Trexus. They have a simple, yet elegant finish that will make your office look professional and appealing.

All our office trolleys are made from steel for durability and will last longer than any wooden office furniture supplies that you may have. We have lockable trolleys that come at competitive prices and which will help guarantee the safety of your office documents. In case of fire these flame-retardant trolleys will keep all your files safe, ensuring no valuable information is lost.

With a Trexus chair-trolley you don’t have to worry about the task of moving about heavy office chairs. The trolley can easily accommodate up to ten chairs to enable you to move a large number from one area to another without breaking a sweat. Our office trolley designs will enable you to easily access your documents, and if you need to quickly organise things, you can do so with our suspension-filing trolley on wheels that can accommodate up to 100 files.

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