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Notebook - Office Supplies That Organisations Cannot Do Without

Notebooks are used by organisations in almost all spheres of work. Whether it is taking down a memo, creating a To Do list, jotting down excerpts or minutes of the meeting, creating a structure for a presentation, or simply penning the important aspects of a strategy; notebooks are one of the most essential stationery items. There are different types of notebooks and other important stationery products available for large organisations as well as small businesses and are categorised as under.

Plain Notebooks

Plain notebooks are the most commonly used stationery item in offices. These notebooks can be use for sketching, drawing, taking notes or jotting down appointments. These are available in several sizes including the most popular pocket notebook size and the highly efficient A4 size. There are several different cover options also available including hard bound, cardboard, and leather.

Index Notebooks

Index notebooks contain an alphanumeric index and make it easier for users to record various details like meetings, seminars, important official dates, and records of official events and work. These notebooks have spiral binding that makes it easier to flip pages and offer quick access. The index notebooks are available in several sizes as well as different cover colours.

Ruled Notebooks

The ruled notebook is quite common and used extensively for storing information. It makes work easier as they can be used for creating drawings as well as taking important notes. There is a wide variety to choose from in terms of size, cover colour, and number of pages. The most commonly used notebook is available in A4 and A5 hardback with 190-200 pages.

Quadrille Notebooks

The Quadrille notebook pages contain grid squares that ensure it can be used for calculations and other mathematical purposes. These are also used for accounting purposes.


There are different types of office pads and desk pads available that allow jotting down important information related to personal and official events and work. The two most commonly used writing pads are memo pads and legal pads.

  • Memo Pads

    Memo pads are simple pads containing plain sheets or ruled sheets. The role of these pads is to fulfil the purpose of jotting notes or writing information pertaining to meetings, To Do lists, etc. They are also used in homes for creating grocery lists, noting important phone numbers, and much more. Memo pads are available in a variety of sizes with the most common being A4. These pads have standard binding and each pad can contain anywhere from 10 to 100 pages and even more.

  • Legal Pads

    Legal pads are created using high quality paper and are available mainly in two sizes, the Foolscap size and A4 size. One of the salient aspects of legal pads is that they offer a good amount of margin, which is normally 3.17cm or 1.25 inches. The traditional colour of the pages is yellow although they are available in white and other colours as well. Case binding method is used for binding legal pads.

Refill Pads

The salient aspect of refill pads is that they can be removed or attached to a filofax whenever required. Refill pads are available in ruled format, graph format as well as plain format although the former is used more commonly. The graph format is used mainly for mathematical and accounting purposes. Most of the top quality refill pads contain 80gsm sheets. The refill pads vary in size, number of pages or sheets per pack, and number of punched holes.

Manuscript Books

Manuscript books are used for several purposes including writing notes and bookkeeping. They can be categorised as under.

  • Plain Manuscript Books

    The plain manuscript books present an effective option for sketching, drawing, and caricature. These books have plain sheets of paper and are available in hardbound or casebound. The standard quality of paper in a plain manuscript book is 90gsm and the standard size is A4.

  • Quadrille Manuscript Books

    Quadrille manuscript books contain grid lines and are hence used by organisations for mathematical, statistical, and accounting purposes. The Quadrille manuscript books are casebound and the standard rulings are 5mm square. The standard paper size used is 297x210mm while the paper quality most opted for is 90gsm.

  • Cash Column Manuscripts Books

    Cash column manuscript books are normally used by accountants and banking officials. These books help in noting, keeping, and maintaining records related to accounts or bookkeeping. They are available in the form of single cash and double cash columns that makes it easier for proper accounting and analysis. The standard size of these books is 210x148mm and the paper quality commonly used is 90gsm.

  • Ruled Manuscript Books

    The ruled manuscript books contain ruled lines and ensure text can be written in an efficient and tidy way. These are one of the most popular forms of books used by offices and educational institutions. They are available in a variety of sizes, paper quality, bindings, covers, and colours.

  • Feint Index Manuscript Books

    The Feint index manuscript books contain premium woven papers. They are normally white paper feint ruled and help users to keep record of information pertaining to official work, personal dates and lists, and other things. The easy indexing in these books makes it a popular product. It is available in full bound PVC coated cover and the standard size used is A4.

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