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Exhibition Display Products For Effective Marketing

There is a wide range of exhibition display products used for effective marketing and advertising.

Exhibition Stands

The most effective exhibition advertising and marketing product is exhibition stands, and there are two primary types to choose from. The first type of exhibition stands is the free standing system, and this is quite popular, as it offers space for display of graphics, advertising posters and promotional brochures while making an effective use of limited floor space. These stands are available in both vertical and horizontal layout, although the former is more predominantly used. The free standing exhibition stands are durable and available in a variety of sizes to support graphic sizes varying from A4 to A10.

The second type of exhibition stand is the wall mounted exhibition stand, also known as wall mounted displays. The wall mounted stands make effective use of wall space and are available in a range of sizes and thickness.

Sign Holders

Sign holders are essential exhibition items used primarily for displaying advertising, marketing, or promotional posters, and to provide information related to a particular event, business, product or services. The most commonly used sign holders include the desktop sign holder and the wall mounted holders.

The desktop sign holder takes minimum space and is normally kept on information desks. It is made from crystal clear acrylic and has polished edges, which makes it a perfect exhibition display product. It is mostly used for displaying posters, brochures, fliers, and leaflets.

The wall mounted sign holders are screw fixed to the walls. These holders are available with pre-drilled holes and screws so that they can be easily fixed on walls. They are made from acrylic and the standard thickness used in exhibitions is 2mm. The wall mounted sign holders have a transparent design that makes sure customers and business visitors are able to see and read the literature, posters, banners placed in the sign holders. Both types of signs holders are highly durable due to the scratch resistant acrylic used for making them.

Name Place Cards

Name place cards are used in exhibitions and similar events like conferences and seminars for indicating the name of the person managing the exhibition desk or the counter. Normally these cards are placed right where a person is seated.

Name place cards can be designed in a number of innovative ways and can be printed by the customer themselves. It is easy to insert them in the easy to use acrylic or plastic stands. Some of the salient aspects of the name place stands is that they can be used multiple times, cleaned or washed, and are extremely durable.

Leaflet Holders

Leaflet holders are used quite commonly in exhibitions because of their ability to effectively dispense leaflets providing information regarding an organisation, product and service. These holders can be kept anywhere in the exhibition area and are mostly kept at the entrance to a company's stall or on the stall's information desk.

When it comes to leaflet holders, there is a wide variety to choose from in terms of quality, size, and holding capacity. These holders are available in single tier and multi-tier form. The most popular size of leaflet holder used in exhibitions is 210mm x 99mm and can store anywhere from 10 to 500 leaflets. They are made from durable and transparent plastic that can be used several times.

Notice Boards

One of the most common display board used for sharing information is the notice boards. They are used not only in exhibitions but also in schools, colleges, offices, seminars etc. Notice boards can be classified under 3 categories that are aluminium notice boards, felt notice boards, and cork notice boards.

Aluminium notice boards are most effective in organisations and exhibitions. These are durable information boards that are quite common in meeting rooms, conference rooms, and exhibition kiosks or stalls. They are available in different sizes and depths, with the most common being A3 to A1 sizes with 30mm depth.

Notice boards are commonly used in organisational environments and have been designed and created in such a way that they can hold papers, posters, brochure, etc with the help of hook and loop attachments as well as push pins. The felt notice boards are available in a range of sizes and colours. They are made from flame retardant felt and the most commonly used size is 600x450mm.

The cork notice board is one of the most affordable notice boards and has a highly durable and sturdy pine frame. Push pins can be used on these boards to attach paper, brochure, photos, and similar items. These are made from self-healing cork and are available with a wall fastening kit.

Notice boards are also available in several other materials like mesh, slate, foam, wood, and tuffboard.

Badge And Badge Accessories

A name badge or id badge is an important part of any exhibition, conference, seminar, and official event. They are also used to represent security passes and visitor passes. There is a wide variety to choose from based on shape, size, reusability, finish, and clipping. Name badges are also available with rotating clip as well as pin attachments.

The rotating clips ensure that the name badge hangs properly always and the transparency of the badge holder allows other people to read names clearly. Name badges with combi-clips are quite effective as they help the badge to be clipped to the tie, pocket, or any part of the clothing without damaging the attire.

There is a wide variety of badge accessories available and they can be classified under three categories, which are badge inserts, badge holders, and badge necklace. Badge inserts, holders, and necklaces are available in a range of options including size, colour, materials, pin, and safety features among others.


There is a range of portfolios available that can be used for transportation of displays, artwork, presentation, and other important documents required in exhibitions, meetings, and conferences. The portfolios can be categorized under handheld and landscape portfolios.

The handheld portfolios are used primarily in seminars, conferences and meetings and consist of interior pockets and card holders. The landscape portfolios are also used for seminars and exhibitions and consist of elastic and internal binding systems that will hold presentations and documents in place.

The common sizes for both handheld and landscape portfolios are A1, A2, A3 and A4 and they are made from highly durable materials like PVC and leather.


Luggage is a multi-utility product that is normally used for transportation of different materials and products. There is a wide variety of luggage products available for business professionals like pilot cases, messenger bags, and the traditional briefcase. Luggage for businesses has been made more durable and stronger using materials like polyester, leather, and nylon. Some of the business briefcases are made from ABS shell and Polyurethane to ensure longevity and compactness.

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