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Different Types of Packaging Supplies

Packaging is normally chosen according to the type of item being shipped. There is a wide variety of packaging supplies to choose from.

Mailing and Accessories

There are different types of envelopes and packaging supplies available for mailing or shipping various items or products.

Mailing Pouches

Mailing pouches are versatile products used primarily for mailing purposes. There is a wide variety of mailing pouches available based on their material, size, and other features. These pouches can be used for mailing important documents. One of the popular mailing pouches brands is Tenzalopes.

Document mailing pouches are secure sealed pouches available in a variety of sizes. The most commonly used size of document pouches includes A4, A5, A6, and A7. These pouches are available in packs of 100 to 1000.

Another top brand for mailing pouches is Versapak, which offers heavy duty pouches that can be used for mailing documents as well as other important items. These are tear resistant pouches and have zip enclosures. There are different types of pouches available with the flat mail, and the bulk volume mailing pouches being the most popular. These pouches have long edge zip and tamper evident feature.

Snopake is another top brand that offers mailing pouches in the form of zip bags. These pouches are made using PVC and are great for storing a variety of items especially when travelling. The most popular is the Zippa Air Bag available in 200 x 200mm size. It has a smooth action plastic closure.

Mailing Accessories

There is a wide variety of mailing accessories available that can be used by people in their offices as well as homes.

The stock bag neck sealer dispenser is a heavy duty product that helps in sealing polythene bags without much effort. They can be 9mm wide. They are used for providing a secure seal to food packages during long hauls.

The polypropylene label tag fastener is another accessory that is used for attaching different types of labels including price labels to items like clothes.

The labelling gun is a highly efficient and useful accessory that is primarily used for price and product marking. It is capable of printing a maximum of 8 characters per line and uses both € and £ signs.

CD Envelopes

CD envelopes are used for packing and mailing CD, DVD, cassettes, and other small items. The primary feature of the CD envelope is that it provides protection to the CD when it is being shipped or transported. The CD envelopes are available in a variety of colours and sizes. The most common size is 165 x 165mm and most of these envelopes are available with a peel and seal feature.

Packing Boxes

One of the most useful packing items is the packing box. Packing boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes. Most of the high quality packing boxes are made from cardboard and are available in the form of single or double wall corrugated cardboard boxes.

Packing Tape

Packing tapes are used for securing packing boxes. There is a wide variety of packing tapes available. Some of the most common types of packing tape include polypropylene self adhesive packaging tape, low noise grade polypropylene tape, PVC self adhesive packaging tape, crossweave filament tape for security sealing, and 9mm Neck sealing tape.

The polypropylene self adhesive packaging tape is the most commonly used tape available in three sizes - 24mm x 66metre, 50mm x 66metre and 75mm x 66metre. The PVC self adhesive packaging tape is also used by organisations and mailing companies and is available in the above sizes. Another important type of packaging tape is the tamper evident security tape that is available in 4 languages and roll size of 50 mm x 50 m.


Wrapping is an integral part of packaging and is used for providing security to fragile items like crystals, glass, china, jewellery etc. Some of the most commonly used packing wraps are as under.

Tissue Paper

A tissue paper is the most easily available form of wrapping paper. There is a wide variety of tissue papers available, including a high quality patterned and coloured paper that is most often used for gift wrapping. There is a wide choice of colours available in tissue papers. One of the most secure tissue papers is the chlorine and acid free tissue paper, which is normally used for protecting delicate items. The standard size of these tissue papers is 50w x 75h.

Brown Wrapping Paper

The brown wrapping paper is another useful product where packaging solutions are concerned. The brown wrapping paper is available in the form of loose sheets as well as rolls. They are available in varying lengths, with the quality of paper varying from 70gsm to 90gsm. Some of the most commonly available sizes for brown paper rolls include 500mm x 6metre, 600mm x 200metre, 900mm x 200metre, 900mm x 200metre, and 1200mm x 200m.

Corrugated Paper Roll

The corrugated paper roll offers a cost effective, highly efficient and protective packaging solution. The corrugated paper roll is manufactured from recycled materials and is available in a variety of sizes. The commonly used sizes of corrugated paper rolls include 900mm x 75m, 600mm x 75m, 750mm x 75m, 650mm x 75m, 300mm x 75m, and 1200mm x 75m. Most corrugated paper rolls are single faced.

Bubble Wraps And Foam Packaging

Bubble wraps and foam packaging are great packaging solutions for securing fragile items. They offer strength, lightness, and have great cushioning properties, which ensure that your fragile items stay safe. The different types of bubble wrap packaging available include small and large bubble wrap, bubble bags, anti-static bubble wrap, and laminated bubble wraps. Foam packaging is available in the form of foam rolls as well as flat foam pads and sheets.

Shrink Wrapping And Stretch Wraps

Shrink wrapping and stretch wraps are also used as packaging solutions. They are used for packaging of books, DVDs, and CDs, among others.

Wrap Strapping

Wrap strapping helps in strapping medium to large consignments and boxes. Wrap strapping rolls are made from polyester and polypropylene that can be used in all hand and automatic strapping machines. They are available in several sizes although the two most common sizes include 12mm x 2000metre and 16mm x 800metre.

Postal Tubes

A postal tube is used primarily for mailing maps, art work, paintings, posters, plans, etc. All you have to do is roll your product inside the tube and seal it at either end. Postal tubes are available in a wide variety of sizes. Some of the most common sizes include 305mm x 50mm, 450x50mm, 610x50mm, 450x75mm, 760x76mm, 330x50mm, and 890mm x 76mm.

Postal tubes are made using 100% recycled materials.

Letter Openers

Letter openers are important office stationery items available in the form of manual openers and mechanical or electrical openers. The different types of letter openers are as under.

Electric Letter Openers

There are several different types of electric letter openers that will make your job easier. The popular letter openers in this category include:

Martin Yale Automatic Letter Opener

The Martin Yale automatic letter opener has the ability to open a maximum of 12,000 standard sized packages and envelopes each hour. It can handle stacks up to 760mm high with relative ease. Some of the salient features of the Martin Yale automatic letter opener include an auto start or stop mode, standby mode, and removable tray.

Intimus Premier

This Intimus premier letter opener is considered to be a highly innovative machine that can clear a 1.75" stack in no time. It has the ability to handle as many as 7,000 standard packages and envelopes each hour.

Maul Electric Letter Opener

Maul electric letter opener is a battery operated mobile machine that offers great value for money. It has been made using durable impact-resistant plastic and comprises of cutting wheels made from stainless steel.

Manual Letter Openers

The manual letter openers have existed for a long time. There are different types of manual letter openers available.

Martin Yale Manual Letter Opener

The Martin Yale manual letter opener has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency. It has the ability to open all types of small packets and standard sized envelopes. The letter opener contains a blade, which helps in easily opening the letter. The blade is fully enclosed, which reduces the risk of any accidental injury.

Alba Manual Letter Opener

The Alba manual letter opener is available with a curved blade and an ergonomic handle. The product dimension is 24 x 2.7 x 2.3cm, and it helps in manually opening packets and letters.

Stamps And Inks

Stamps and inks are an integral part of office accessories. There are different types of stamps used by organisations like name or logo stamps, time and date stamps, office address stamps, etc.

Custom Stamps

Custom stamps basically are self inking stamps available in plastic and metal. These stamps can be customised according to an organisation's requirement and the required text can be put using the rotating alpha-numeric characters that are embedded below the stamp in a special chamber. These stamps are also available with auto advancing or manual advancing feature. The custom stamps have an ink cartridge within the body that can guarantee 10,000-20,000 stamps.

Alphabet, Number, and Date Stamps

There is a wide variety of stamps that specifically cater to dates, numbers or alphabets. Some stamps have all the three as well.

Date Stamp

The date stamp is one of the most common stamps in use in the United Kingdom. This stamp is used for stamping receipts, invoices, bills, etc. The date stamp falls under the rubber stamp category and needs a dabbing in an ink pad in order to be used effectively. The date stamps are also available in the more expensive self inking stamp category. One of the popular brands of self inking date stamps include the Colop self-inking rectangular stamps available with a 12-year guarantee on ink supply and selection of ink colours like blue, black, green, red, and violet.

Number Stamps

The number stamps are used mostly for referencing to particular documents related to specific customers and even order numbers. The number stamps are also available in the form of manual stamps as well as efficient self inking stamps.

Word Stamps

Word stamps use specific text messages that can be in a single line or multiple lines. Single line word stamps include different words, such as confidential, approved, paid, rejected, etc. Multiple line word stamps are mostly alphabetical stamps that are used to represent the address, name, or slogan of an organisation. The word stamps are normally categorised under per-inked or self-inking category. One of the top brands of word stamps is the Trodat word stamp that is available with 12 pre-set words. It can also be used with different ink colours.

Ink and Ink Pads

Ink and ink pads are integral to the functioning of any type of stamp. Ink is available in the form of bottles and ink pads. Ink is available in standard ink bottles of 25ml and 28ml. These inks enable stamping on a variety of paper and materials including metals, glossy or matte paper, standard paper, cardboard box, plastic, and cloth and several other surfaces.

There is a wide range of colours available including blue, black, green, red, pink, violet, brown, orange, ultra violet, white, silver, and gold. Ink pads on the other hand are either available in a single colour or dual colour.

Post Boxes

There are primarily two types of office post boxes to choose from and they are the small and large post boxes. These post boxes are available in anthracite and silver colour. One of the top manufacturers of these post boxes is Rottner.

Small Post Box

The small post box is available in steel or stainless steel and is just perfect for small and medium sized businesses. One of the salient features of the small post box is the multi-use dual front and rear letter slot. The front loading letter slot has a protective flap. It is weather resistant and rustproof and is available with a 1 Year warranty. The external dimensions of this post box are 320 x 250 x 85mm (HxWxD) and the size of the letter slot is 210 x 35mm (WxH).

Large Post Box

The external dimension of the large post box is 400 x 310 x 135mm (HxWxD) and the letter slot size is 253 x 34mm (WxH). Some of the features of the large post box include rustproof, weather resistant, single key or dual key slot, and high quality steel for durability.

Post Pricing Shorter

Post pricing sorters are a type of rulers that allow the appraisal of the size of a package or an envelope.

Types of Parcel Scales

The utility of the parcel scales lies in being able to accurately weight a parcel. The weight of the parcel will decide the postal charges applicable within the UK for local and national deliveries and international deliveries. These scales can measure weight anywhere from 10kg to 100kg.

There is a wide variety of parcel scales available and this includes mechanical postal scales and electronic postal scales.

Mechanical Postal Scales

The mechanical postal scales measure weight accurately and thus help in providing correct postage costs. The mechanical scale can be used for weighing packets, letters, and parcels. Some of the salient features of the mechanical postal scales include zero adjustment facility, sturdy mechanism, durable construction, compactness, simple operation, and easy-to-read dial.

Electronic Postal Scales

The electronic postal scales are available in a wider range as compared to the mechanical scales. These scales are ideal for general weighing and are available in stylish designs. Some of the salient aspects of the electronic postal scales include Re-programmable for Royal Mail as well as Parcel Force changes, business card size memory card, 5-10 10 programmable carrier rates, and clear LCD screen.

Thimbles and Dampers

Thimbles are normally used in banks and by the accounting department of organisations. These make the task of counting of currency notes easier. These also help quickly sift through pages. Thimbles are made using a fine quality of rubber and are available in several different colours and sizes. Some of the common sizes of thimblettes include 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3. They are normally available in packs of 10.

Damper sponge is also used for counting currency notes and collating paper and related products. The damper helps in quick application of moisture, which helps in the process of counting pages or separating them. The standard sponge damper consists of a non-slip base. Sponge dampers vary in shape and size, although the most common is the round shape with a diameter of 89mm.

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