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Desktop Stationery For Everyday Use

Desktop stationery is integral to the productivity of employees and the organisation on the whole. There is a wide range of stationery and other related desktop items that are used every day by employees. These desktop stationery items can be categorised as under.


Staplers are an essential desktop stationery item used most often to keep a bunch of important papers together. There are three types of staplers used in offices, including full strip, half strip, and mini strip staplers. Each of these staplers can staple a certain quantity of papers. The full strip staplers have the ability to staple as many as 50 sheets of 80gsm paper while the half strip and mini strip can staple 30 and 18 sheets, respectively. There are heavy duty staplers, which can staple 200-250 sheets and are considered as industrial staplers. Staplers need staple pins, which are available according to the size of the stapler and in packs of 50, 100, and more.

Staple Removers

There was a time when scissors and other sharp instruments were being used to remove staple pins and this at times even led to injuries. Why need a scissor when staple removers are available. There is a wide range of removers available that can remove the normal every day staple pins on paper to heavy duty staple pins on packaging cartons. There are a variety of staple removers available depending on the staple pins to be removed including the heavy duty metal staple remover and the lever style staple removers.

Paper Cutters

There are different types of paper cutters used by people to make their work easier and save precious time. Paper cutters can be categorised as scissors, trimmers, and guillotines.

  • Scissors

    Scissors are essential desktop stationery items that are used in almost all organisations. These are one of the oldest office accessories. There are two types of paper cutting scissors available. The straight scissors have straight blades while curved scissors have curved blades. The most commonly used are the straight scissors. Straight scissors are available in several sizes with the 15cm/6-inch scissors being most commonly used in organisations.

  • Trimmers and Guillotines

    Trimmers and guillotines are high precision paper trimming and cutting instruments that consist of a scale bar. They are primarily used in offices where several sets of paper need to be cut at once. One of the salient aspects is that when paper is cut using a trimmer or a guillotine then there is perfect straight edge that makes the entire bunch of papers look neat.

    There is a wide variety of paper trimmers to choose from and these desktop accessories have the ability to trim different types of printed matter including brochures, photo, business or index cards, and even tick glossy paper. The trimmers are known for their durability and accurate trimming. Guillotines are similar to trimmers and offer accurate cutting action. The top suppliers of trimmers and guillotines are Avery and Rexel.


Glues are essential desktop stationery items used as an adhesive for sticking paper, envelopes, photos, cards, stamps, wood, glass, ceramic, and much more. They are available in the form of glue sticks, sprays, guns, rollers, pins or dots, etc. It always helps to have a bottle of glue at the work place!

  • Glue Sticks

    Glue sticks are most commonly used in small offices due to its ease of use and effectiveness. They are available in a wide range of sizes like 11mm, 12mm, and 15mm among others.

  • Glue Roller

    Glue rollers are available for office use and offers accurate application of adhesive. The glue roller is available in various sizes. It requires a refill cartridge when all the glue tapes have been used.

  • Glue Gun

    The glue gun is extremely easy to use and is normally required for covering a wide area of office applications as well as general use. 12mm glue guns is most common size used in organisations.

  • Glue Spray

    A glue spray is available in the form of 200ml and 400ml cans. Their application is required in art works, portfolios, photograph albums, and much more.

Paper Clips

Paper clips are one of the most essential and basic desktop stationery items, which play an important role in managing papers, files, brochures, etc. The most common types of paper clips used in organisations are:

Basic Paper Clip

This is the most common type of paper clip used for binding paper and other printed documents temporarily. They are available in several colours and are inexpensive. Salient aspects of a basic paper clip include the fact that they can be easily removed as compared to staple pins and the same clip can also be used multiple times.

  • Fold Back Clip

    Fold back clips are also quite commonly used in offices and have a metal fold, which helps the clip to hold larger quantity of papers as compared to the basic paper clip. It can also be used for hanging a set of papers on the pin board or wall for presentation purposes. The standard size is 19mm and each of these fold back clips can hold as many as 250 sheets of 50mm size.

  • Fling Clips

    The fling clips are primarily used for clipping paper with hole punched in them.

  • Clip Dispensers

    Where there are clips there would be the need for clip dispensers. The dispensers can not only be used for storage of clips but also dispense clips with ease whenever required.

  • Paper Binders

    These are normally used for holding papers in a file format or handouts for presentations and meetings. Paper binders are available in the clip form and are used for putting together hole punched papers.


There are different types of pins used in organisations for different purposes, such as pinning important documents on the notice board or holding drawing paper on the drawing boards.

  • Push Pins

    Push pins are the most commonly used desktop stationery in any office. They can be used for different purposes like pinning on pictures and checklists on corkboards, pinning maps, brochures, fliers, business cards, and much more. These pins have a sharp pointed end and are available in several different colours. They are available in packs of 50, 100, and even more.

  • Drawing Pins

    One of the oldest types of pins, drawing pins are made from brass and comprise of a flat head and pointed end. They can be used for a number of purposes although are primary used for holding paper on a drawing board. These pins are also used for pinning maps, pictures, and information on different types of surfaces like wood, thermocol sheets, boards etc. Drawing pins are available in packs of 50, 100, 150 etc., and the most common size used is 11mm.

  • Indicator Pins

    Indicator pins comprise of a hexagonal shape on the top and pointed pin at the bottom. They are normally used as indicators in maps although organisations have also started using them as indicators in graphs and bar charts as well as presentations. They are available in an assortment of colours and the most common sizes include 15mm and 20mm. The smallest pack available contains 10 hexagonal headed pins.

  • Marking Flags

    These are a type of pin that has a coloured flag attached on one end. These pins are available in packs of 100 pieces containing flags of different colours.

Hole Punchers

Hole punchers are handheld tools used for punching holes in paper. These are useful desktop stationery items that can punch hundreds of sheets at once.

  • Adjustable Hole Punchers

    The adjustable hole punchers are the most commonly used office tool that can punch anywhere from two holes to four and six holes. These punchers are capable of drilling holes in 30 sheets of 80gsm paper at a time.

  • Heavy Duty Punchers

    The heavy duty punchers are larger in size as compared to the adjustable puncher and can drill holes in 50-100 sheets of 80gsm paper. These punchers have a locking mechanism that helps to put the paper in place.

  • Electronic Hole Punchers

    This is a type of heavy duty puncher, which runs on electricity. The salient aspect of this stationery accessory is that it can punch automatically at the press of a button and is meant for large bundles of paper punching. These punchers are powered using standard AAA batteries.

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