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Choosing The Essential Desk Accessories

Desktop accessories are an integral asset of a small business or a large organisation. There are different types of desk accessories available, and each accessory has a unique role in ensuring completion of work and delivery of presentations; keeping accounts and making notes of meetings; and time and work management on the whole. The importance of desk accessories lies in its ability to enhance the increase in employee productivity.

Of course, every business or organisation doesn't require all types of desktop accessories, and it is hence important to identify the essential supplies. An office or work place is incomplete without the following office supplies.

Desk Organisers

Desk organisers are one of the most important office accessories that comprise of different items that are essential for keeping a work desk organised and uncluttered. The essential desk organisers include:

File Sorters

An essential desk accessory, file sorters are used for filing papers and keeping them in an organised manner. File sorters are available in different styles and can be classified as desktop filing units or as a horizontal sorter. Both types of sorters have multiple compartments for storing files and papers.

The desktop filing units help save valuable office space and are normally available in the form of a vertical unit with multiple segments. It is also available with locking and non-locking facility.

The horizontal file sorters also comprise of multiple compartments and look more like a portable book shelf. They are available in several styles and ensure important files are stored safely and are accessible when required.

Paper clip holders

Most often, paper clips are seen strewn across the work desk, but with paper clip holders, they can be neatly stacked in one place. Paper clip holders are available in different shapes and sizes. The standard holders can accommodate 25-50 paper clips.

Note Cube Holders

Note Cube Holders are also known as memo holders and are used for storing business note or memo pads. The standard size of these holders is 90x90mm. These are made from lightweight acrylic or plastic materials. They are also useful for storing Post It Notes. It is a highly functional desk accessory that ensures there is no Post It or memo clutter on the work desk.

Pen Holders

Pen holders are probably one of the most important desk accessories and can be used for storing pen, pencils, sharpeners, scissors, etc. It ensures pens and pencils are easily accessible and at the same time keep the desk clean. Pen holders are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Desk Tidies

Talk about a multi-functional and multi-utility desktop accessory, and the desk tidies come into the picture. One of the most commonly used work desk items, the desk tidies have multiple compartments for storing different types of accessories, such as pens, pencils, markers, paper clips, Post Its, stapler and pins, board pins and much more. They are available in different shapes and sizes and are made using lightweight plastic.

Drawer sets

Drawer sets are pre-fabricated sets of drawers that offer a modular solution to office filing and accessory storage. These drawers can store everything - from paper pads to pens, pencils, and other office items used daily. They are available in different sizes and are made from plastic or polystyrene. Some drawer sets are available in multiple tiers, including 2,3,4,5, and 6 tiers.

Document Holders

A document holder is used primarily for keeping documents or printed materials in an upright position. It is used when documents need to be checked or seen while working on computer or type writers. Document holders can be positioned right beneath the computer monitor, can be fitted on the monitor, and can be positioned right next to the monitor. They are available in different sizes based on the size of paper like A4 or A5. Some document holders have additional accessory in the form of a guiding ruler as well.

Blotting Paper Pads

An essential desk accessory, the blotting paper pads are available in full demy or half demy blotting paper. They are available in several sizes although the most dimensions used in offices include 457x584mm & 285x445mm. The pads are available in packs of 5 to 50 blotting papers. One of the top producers of blotting paper pads is Leathercraft and they have several varieties of pads to offer. The salient aspect is the different colours of leather pads available that not only adds some life into the work space but also helps in keeping the blotting paper safe.

Index Card Boxes

It is quite easy to lose an index card or misplace them among all the paperwork that lies strewn on a work table. To make it easier to store index cards properly and keep the work space organised, there is a solution and it is in the form of index card boxes. They are also known as index card drawers and can store several hundreds or thousands of cards in a single box.

There are 3 types of index card boxes to choose from and these include the sliding lid index card holder, the cabinet drawer holder, and the lift lid holder. The sliding lid index card holder is one of the most popular as it takes less space and is available in several stylish designs. These holders can store as many as 300 index cards in a single box. The cabinet drawer index card holder is a perfect solution when the requirement is for more than 1000 cards. Each cabinet can store as many as 1500 cards and are available in single or multiple drawer options. The lift lid index card holder is one of the most simple storage options available and is used for smaller quantities like 100 or 150 cards.


Bookends are one of the flexible storage solutions available for work stations or work desks. A bookend is normally used for storing magazines, books, and even audio-visual CD's in an upright position. Bookends are available in both horizontal and vertical alignments although the most common are the vertical bookends. Their portability and the ability to manage books in a neat and compact space make them quite popular. Some of the top brands include Helix, Avery, and 5-star and they manufacture bookends in iron, wood, steel, and plastic. Depending on the type and style, they can give the work desk a fresh dash of decor.

Magazine Files

Magazine files are similar to bookends but are normally used for storage of magazines. In the absence of magazine files, magazines will be strewn across the work table, giving the desk a disorganised look. It is one of the important desk accessories available in different shapes, styles, colours, and sizes. The most popular sizes include the A4 and A5 since most magazines are printed in these sizes.

Magazine files are made from different materials, including corrugated cardboard, plastic, metal, recyclable materials, wood, mesh, and polystyrene. Both polystyrene and corrugated cardboard magazine files are popular, as they are available in multitude of colours and provide durability.

The corrugated cardboard magazine files are normally made from recyclable materials and are one of the most economical and green solutions. They are available in flat and foldable designs that allow them to be used only when required and decrease storage space when not in use.

Magazine files in acrylic are one of the most stylish storage accessories available and are sold in glossy or matte finish. There are several colours to choose from right from baby pink to executive black.

Desk Mats

The salient aspect of desk mats is that it brings in the element of neatness and cleanliness to a desk. It is one of the important desk accessories and is available in several different colours and sizes. Some of the executive desk pads contain calendars and to-do lists that are extremely helpful for organising weekly, monthly, and annual plans and meetings.

Some of the most common materials used for making a desk mat include plastic, PVC, and leather. Off late, desk mats are available with non slip bases, see through or transparent sleeves, anti glare overlays, and even pen holders and rulers. The top manufacturers of high quality desk mats include 5-star and Durable.

Letter Trays

One of the desk accessories seen in most offices is letter trays. Letter trays are extremely useful office item and provide an effective and efficient office storage option. It is always difficult to manage letters, brochures, fliers, and loose papers but with letter trays it becomes easy to manage, store, and access them.

Letter trays are made from different materials although the most common includes steel trays and plastic trays. Both types of trays are extremely durable although the plastic trays are much cheaper. Then there are the environmentally friendly fibre board trays made using recyclable materials. These trays have multiple sections with each section offering separate storage space. The most common size is the A4 size trays as it is also the most commonly used paper size as well.

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