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Types of Envelopes and their Uses

Envelopes are a basic every day object, commonly used everywhere – to post a letter, document, or card.  These are necessary for any kind of workplace or office. You can get envelopes either with windows or without it. With a window envelope, you do not need to write address on the outside, thus saving you effort and time.

C4 envelopes

C4 envelope

There are different types of envelopes.

C4 envelopes: Typically these are traditional A4 size envelopes where you can place a full sheet in it unfolded. C4 envelopes are especially useful for businesses, which need to submit some documents unfolded. These envelopes are usually of 324mm by 229mm size and are the most common envelopes used in offices, since these are big enough to accommodate papers of all size. C4 envelopes are thus used in mailing heavy communications, such as brochures.

C5 envelopes

C5 envelope

C5 envelopes:  These packaging materials are of A5 size, which allows you to place an unfolded A5 piece of paper in there. If you have an A4 piece, all you need to do is fold it just once in order to fit comfortably within. Typically C5 envelopes come in 162 x 229 mm size and can be used to send important communication papers, such as parcels, documents, letters, notices, bills, among others. The shape and size of the C5 envelope give it a professional look. These also have self-seal flaps and sticky flaps, which add to its look, making it a securer means of doing business. Being rectangular in size, C5 can easily fit in magazines that cannot be folded.

C6 envelopes: These are the most preferred packaging materials for confidential letters, thanks to their opaque skin, which makes them ideal for mailing formal business letters. C6 envelopes can easily hold a paper of A6 size unfolded, A4 size in quarters, or A5 with one fold. The exact size of C6 envelopes is 114mm by 162mm.

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