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A Guide to Saving Money on Office Supplies

Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows that the supply cupboard is the real source of power in the workplace. Managers and supervisors come and go, but the office supply cupboard is a beacon of fresh pens, printer paper, envelopes and all important post-it notes. This means that a stingy reordering policy or a strict budget will lead to quickly diminishing supplies, and this can make even simple day-to-day workplace tasks much more difficult. However, maintaining a well-stocked supply cupboard doesn’t need to be expensive. These simple tips can lead to great savings when it comes to buying office supplies.

Take Advantage of Bulk Buying

 Most office supply businesses offer great savings when orders are made in bulk, so take advantage of being able to buy larger quantities of stationary and other items such as ink and toner cartridges, which always seem to run out quickly. Bulk discounts can be substantial, even on seemingly insignificant items like pens and paper, and they are well worth the investment if you have the space to store everything.

 Monitor What you Need and When

 Organisation and forward-planning really pays off when it comes to reordering office supplies. Money will be wasted on delivery charges if you are just making small orders every week or fortnight, and it can also be easy to make the mistake of adding on unneeded items just because you are putting in a new order. Keep track of what you are ordering each month and how long supplies such as ink and toner cartridges last. Organising and scheduling your ordering can take time, but the extra effort is well worth the great savings.

 Buy Office Supplies Online

 Buying printing paper online is typically much cheaper than making the trip to an office supply store. Savings are offered on even name-brand products, and websites are usually more upfront than catalogues when it comes to hidden processing or shipping fees. In fact, many office supply websites offer free delivery on bigger orders. Browsing office supplies online will also help deter impulse buys. Hours can be wasted walking around office supply stores and being drawn in by display stands for new products, brands, and related technology supplies. Online shopping is distraction-free, and the process of putting in a new order can be streamlined and much more convenient. Using an office supply website allows you to look up past orders and retrieve invoices. This way, you can easily find out when you last bought an item, what quantity you ordered and how long it lasted.