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Is Creativity Being Cut With Budget Cuts?

With councils trying to cut costs across the UK, inevitably schools stationery budgets get hit. Invariably, the pressure to accept lower quality materials comes from outside subject areas.

Back in the classroom, the realities of this situation begin to manifest themselves in subtle ways. For example, cheaper pencils don’t sharpen well; lower quality pens leak more often; colouring packs have a limited range of colours; budget erasers smudge drawings and sticky paste does everything except stick. Instead of allowing easy access to the benefits and enjoyment of creative learning, sub-standard stationery materials create real barriers to effective learning. Students come to expect less of themselves, and teachers have to accept lower standards.

Within subject areas, classroom teachers are well aware of the need for good quality stationery supplies to promote effective and sustainable learning. In creative subjects, many teachers are also practitioners or have at least operated at professional levels during their student days. Thus, they appreciate that even talented artists would have to struggle to overcome the limitations imposed by poor quality materials. This perhaps also explains why professional creative artists are often the most outspoken critics of poor quality learning resources within schools. In order to be the best, students must have access to the best quality materials.

In a properly-resourced learning environment, good quality stationery materials should be a transparent means of supporting and encouraging learning and creativity. Such provision sends a message to students that learning activities are important and helps create conditions which allow teachers to demand the very best. Furthermore, it may prove to be a factor which actually encourages, or discourages, students to consider opting to study creative subjects at higher levels.

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