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Choose the Right Kind of Paper for Your Printer

Whether you are printing annual reports or marketing material or undertaking any other printing project, it is always necessary to choose the right kind of printer paper.

Get into any paper supplies store and you are sure to see shelves full of all types of papers, including colour-tinted, cheap white or photo-related like glossy, photo paper, cotton rag and swellable. For the best results, you have to feed your printer with the right paper.

paper suppliesYou should consider the right weight, brightness, size and finish of paper for every print project. Decide about the look you need before settling the finish of your paper. You should also think about the thickness and weight of paper to determine its sturdiness and wrinkle resistance. Also, select a size of the paper from the variety of sizes of printer paper available, including 8.5″x11″, 4″x6″ and 5″x7″.

You can choose a simple multipurpose printer paper for general office printing, including copies, e-mail and faxes. You may also select a paper especially designed for colour printing for your business documents. Always select heavier paper for artwork. You can also print your photos on a glossy paper using your colour laser printer.

In general, for getting good results, you should use the ink and printer paper recommended by the manufacturers of your printer. Otherwise the result will be lower print resolution, inaccurate colours and a dull finish. But if you are using laser printer for your plain text documents or other draft quality graphics, you can use some bright white paper or laser paper from one of your local paper supplies store.

  • Always read the fine prints on the paper package. This will help you know whether the paper is right for your particular printer or not.
  • Always use high quality paper for your printer, because a quality paper has a polymer coating for dye-based as well as pigment-based inks. This polymer coating prevents the ink from spreading and fading with time, but it takes many hours for the prints to dry completely.
  • Use lignin free or acid free paper for best image quality and a long life span. Inkjet paper is the most common and cheapest paper supplies available for everyday printing as it is inexpensive and gets instantly dry.

As the memories can fade overtime, but you will not want the similar thing to happen to your documents and photographs. You can get the best prints if you take a few precautions and choose the right printer. Let your ink, printer paper and printer work together like a well balanced approach.