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A Guide to Saving Money on Office Supplies

Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows that the supply cupboard is the real source of power in the workplace. Managers and supervisors come and go, but the office supply cupboard is a beacon of fresh pens, printer paper, envelopes and all important post-it notes. This means that a stingy reordering policy or a strict budget will lead to quickly diminishing supplies, and this can make even simple day-to-day workplace tasks much more difficult. However, maintaining a well-stocked supply cupboard doesn’t need to be expensive. These simple tips can lead to great savings when it comes to buying...
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Employees Value Well-Chosen Office Furniture

With increasing emphasis on safety in the workplace and the need to ensure that employees have appropriate furniture, selecting the right chairs and desks has never been more important. Not only can well-chosen office furniture improve posture and minimize the risk of strain injuries, but comfortable operator chairs enable staff to work for a greater number of hours at a time. They also enable workers to concentrate on their tasks, as they are not constantly distracted by adjusting their seating position to get comfortable. If you are outfitting a new set of premises, or are investing in additional...
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