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Choose the Right Kind of Paper for Your Printer

Whether you are printing annual reports or marketing material or undertaking any other printing project, it is always necessary to choose the right kind of printer paper. Get into any paper supplies store and you are sure to see shelves full of all types of papers, including colour-tinted, cheap white or photo-related like glossy, photo paper, cotton rag and swellable. For the best results, you have to feed your printer with the right paper. You should consider the right weight, brightness, size and finish of paper for every print project. Decide about the look you need before settling the finish of...
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Save Time and Money with Quality Office Supplies

Working in an office requires you to contribute your best in terms of quality and productivity. Many times, your role is vague requiring you to carry out a lot of activities. At such times, it is not difficult to get lost in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture. And if there are technical glitches in the process due to poor office equipment such as damaged printer head, torn envelopes, or calculators with advanced scientific functions missing, your frustration increases further. Even if you have done your bit in the whole process, your work is stalled, and you are blamed by your client for...
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